To eat for FREE ya gotta be in traditional

Two piece, button-down, long sleeves, long
pantslegs, matching top & bottom with a collar!
NO: Sweatshirts, boxer shorts, t-shirts, night
gowns, night shirts, long john's, underwear,
scrubs, "birthday suits", bathrobes, etc. -


Our Pajama Judge will hand you a WHITE token if you're in traditional p.j.'s!                           (You get to eat for free from our "Wacky Menu" with the purchase of a beverage).

Our Pajama Judge will hand you a BLUE token if you've made a close attempt!                         (You get 50% off of our "Wacky Menu" based on regular prices with the purchase of a beverage).

Note: Customers not in pajamas will be seated first. For those of you who are too embarrassed or not brave enough to leave home in pajamas and instead change into their p.j.'s at Cafe 50's you will only receive a 50% discount! Don't be a square! Show your spirit! Arrive and leave in your pajamas!!!